FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How to Get Started?

    • Answer: To get started, initiate contact with the bot on Telegram and use the command /start. Select the option "Start Your Journey" to begin a new story.

  2. How to Choose a Theme or Character?

    • Answer: During the story creation process, the bot will present options for themes and characters based on the selected universe. Choose those that best align with the narrative you wish to develop.

  3. What Is the Marketplace?

    • Answer: The Marketplace is a platform within Rpg Maker AI where you can buy, sell, or trade additional themes and characters. Explore new possibilities and enrich your stories with exclusive content.

  4. How to Earn Tokens by Playing?

    • Answer: The Play 2 Earn feature allows you to earn tokens by actively participating in the game. Engage in narratives, contribute to the community, and participate in events to increase your earnings.

  5. What Are NFTs?

    • Answer: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique and non-replaceable tokens that represent digital assets. In Rpg Maker AI, your stories can be transformed into NFTs, ensuring their uniqueness and providing creators with exclusive rights.

  6. How to Customize My Story?

    • Answer: Use specific commands such as /do, /say, and /see to interact and develop your story. Explore the available options to create rich and engaging narratives.

  7. Common Technical Issues:

    • Answer: If you encounter technical issues, check your internet connection, update to the latest version of the bot, and ensure you are using the correct commands. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

  8. How to Participate in Narrative Contests?

    • Answer: Stay tuned for notifications and announcements about narrative contests. To participate, follow the specific instructions of the contest and submit your story for evaluation.

  9. Can I Create My Own Theme or Character?

    • Answer: Currently, the option to create custom themes and characters is not available. Stay tuned for updates for information on future features.

  10. How to Access Exclusive Token Benefits?

    • Answer: Token holders have access to exclusive features, such as premium themes, special characters, and early updates. Hold onto your tokens to enjoy these benefits.

Explore the frequently asked questions to find answers to your most common queries. If you need additional assistance, please contact our support team.

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