Phase 1: Foundation and Launch

  • Rpg Maker AI Game Launch: Successfully deployed the core game, offering an immersive AI-driven RPG experience.

  • Rpg Maker AI Token Release: Introduced our unique token to the market, establishing the currency for our ecosystem.

  • User Community Establishment: Built a robust and engaged user community, forming the backbone of our platform.

  • Initial AI and Storytelling Features: Implemented the first version of our AI storytelling and world-creation tools.

Phase 2: Expansion and Enhancement

  • Marketing and Partnerships: Expanded marketing efforts and established key partnerships to increase reach and collaboration opportunities.

  • Introduction of New Themes: Broadened the range of storytelling themes and genres, catering to a wider array of interests.

  • Community-Driven Features: Integrated community feedback into development, enhancing user experience based on actual player insights.

  • First Major Update: Rolled out the first significant update, improving AI capabilities and user interface.

Phase 3: Multiplayer and Social Integration

  • Multiplayer Feature Launch: Introduced multiplayer functionality, allowing users to create and explore stories together.

  • Social Media Integration: Integrated social media features to share stories and achievements, enhancing community engagement.

  • Live Events and Contests: Hosted live events and storytelling contests, encouraging community participation and creativity.

  • Advanced Customization Tools: Released advanced tools for users to further personalize and enhance their storytelling experiences.

Phase 4: Play 2 Earn and NFT Marketplace

  • Play 2 Earn Implementation: Fully integrated the Play 2 Earn model, rewarding players for their creativity and engagement.

  • NFT Marketplace Launch: Launched the NFT marketplace, enabling users to mint, buy, and sell story-related NFTs.

  • Cross-Platform Expansion: Expanded Rpg Maker AI to additional platforms, increasing accessibility and user base.

  • Ongoing AI Improvements: Continuous enhancement of AI capabilities, ensuring an ever-evolving and innovative gaming experience.

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