Rpg Maker AI introduces a comprehensive tokenomics model, shaping the foundation of our dynamic ecosystem.

  • Token Name: RPG Token

  • Symbol: $RPGMAI

  • Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100 Million)

Taxes: A 5% tax is applied to both buys and sells, strategically divided to fuel essential aspects of our ecosystem's growth.

  • 2.5% Marketing: This allocation supports robust marketing initiatives, expanding our reach and attracting new users to the Rpg Maker AI platform.

  • 2.5% Development: The development fund ensures continuous innovation and improvement of our AI-driven features, guaranteeing a cutting-edge and evolving user experience.

Utility Token: $RPGMAI transcends its role as a mere medium of exchange within the platform. It serves as a utility token unlocking exclusive features, themes, and customization options. Holding $RPGMAI tokens grants users privileged access to the full spectrum of Rpg Maker AI's creative possibilities.

NFT Integration: In the near future, Rpg Maker AI will introduce NFT integration, allowing users to tokenize and trade their unique in-game creations as non-fungible tokens. This introduces a new dimension to the $RPGMAI token, blending the digital and tangible aspects of creativity.

Token Burns and Buybacks: To maintain a robust and sustainable token economy, Rpg Maker AI commits to regular token burns and buybacks. These actions reduce the overall token supply, instigating scarcity and contributing to the long-term value appreciation for $RPGMAI holders.

Community Rewards: Active community participation is rewarded generously. Users contributing to the growth of the platform, proposing and voting on new features, and engaging in various community activities will receive incentives, creating a thriving and interactive ecosystem.

Play 2 Earn Model: Rpg Maker AI embraces a Play 2 Earn model, allowing users to earn $RPGMAI tokens by actively participating in the platform. Whether creating captivating stories or contributing to community activities, users are not just players; they are contributors to the vibrant narrative of Rpg Maker AI.

The $RPGMAI token is more than a digital asset; it is the key to unlocking a realm of creativity, engagement, and rewards within the Rpg Maker AI universe. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the landscape of RPG gaming.

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